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"Get Into The Flow State"

Lymphatic Frequency Detox Services


What is Lymphatic Frequency Detox?

The lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system. When functioning correctly, the lymphatic system picks up waste and toxins and pushes them out of the body. Environmental toxins, diet, dehydration, unprocessed emotions and the stress of our day to day lives are a few of the factors that contribute to the slow down of the lymphatic system. 
Lymphatic Frequency Detox uses all natural modalities to stimulate the stagnant water in your body, which allows the lymphatic system to do its job- release excess fluid and mucus (inflammation) and return your body to a flow state.

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About Me

Renée M. John, HHP, M.Ed.

Renée M. John is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner with a focus on Lymphatic Frequency Detox. She holds a bachelor’s of Science in Human Development from Howard University as well as a Master’s degree in counseling from Bowie State University.  Renée has worked in the field of education for over 18 years.  During that time she has held various positions from classroom teacher to guidance counselor to program director.


Renée has always had a keen interest in natural healing. As a child, Renée often watched her mother use various natural remedies for ailments which started to peak her interest. Throughout her career as an educator, her coworkers playfully gave her the nickname “Dr. Quinn”, because of ability to provide them with natural healing remedies for various ailments.   


In 2019, Renée started receiving lymphatics services from the Lymphatic Sensei, Camille Jones.  During her monthly visits, Renée took a keen interest to the methodology and tips shared to improve her quality of life and decided to pursue a certification as a Lymphatic Frequency Detox Specialist.


Renée loves healing and teaching others how to become alchemists around natural healing.  She is a firm believer that nature has given humans all we need to heal and survive. When we listen to our bodies and give it what it needs, it will give you what you need. 


7211 Hanover Pkwy Suite D (inside Caressence Therapeutics)

Greenbelt, Maryland


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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

"Renee is a guru of lymphatic massage and also has a warm spirit that, along with her studio setup, creates a zen-like environment that feels inviting and healing. She clearly has a command of her craft, including the gentle therapeutic tools and infrared lighting she uses to get the best results. She also explains up front what to expect, and shares what she’s doing throughout if you have questions along the way. Renee also seems to truly enjoy her work and be passionate about client outcomes. I personally experienced results in just one session, and after two sessions I had an even more notable transformation."

- Melanie T.

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