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Available Services

Sinus Facial

Are you experiencing asthma, allergies, nasal deviation, migraines, orbs in vision, or sleep apnea? These symptoms may be caused by inflammation in your sinus cavity. Lymphatic drainage can help relieve these symptoms by reducing inflammation (mucus), making it easier to breathe. The results are progressive and more effective in a series. Try lymphatic drainage today and experience relief from these symptoms.

Scar Treatment

The presence of scars on the skin is a sign of scar tissue formation underneath. However, the body can gradually heal scars through lymphatic drainage, regardless of how long they have been present. It is important to note that multiple treatments may be required for optimal results, as the healing process is a gradual one.

Full Body Detox

Thank you for considering our General Full Body Detox for a total body rejuvenation! Our head to toe detox stimulates your lymphatic system to pull toxins from your entire body, leaving you feeling renewed. This service is perfect for those looking to kickstart new wellness or weight loss program or those seeking a regular maintenance plan. Book your appointment today and experience the benefits of our full body detox!

Contour Services

Our contouring services are here to help you get rid of that bloated feeling and achieve a more toned and sleek body. We remove excess fluid in the body, so you can feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Give us a shout to learn more about our services and how we help you reach your body goals!

Scalp Detox

Great news! Detoxing your lymphatic system can help with hair loss. Our service offers a combination of sinus and scalp detox for hair strengthening and growth. For best results, we recommend using it a series.

   Cellulite Treatment

Are you tired of dealing with unsightly cellulite on thighs? Our service can help! By improving lymph flow to targeted areas, we can release toxins and reduce appearance of cellulite. For best results, we recommend a series of treatments. Book your appointment today and say hello to smoother, firmer skin.


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